IceMOS Technology embeds decades of silicon expertise into all manufacturing processes and proprietary technology, to provide tailor-made silicon wafers for the sensor and semiconductor industries. Supplying 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm silicon wafers, IceMOS can seamlessly transfer the technology used on small diameter prototyping to larger diameter wafers.

technology IceMOS maintain a climate in which innovation is encouraged to drive continuous improvement and to help our customers meet both current and future demands of their businesses. With elite advances in technology, IceMOS provide customers with tailored solutions to suit their processes. If there is a process beyond the customer’s capabilities, IceMOS will offer unique foundry services to complete the product.

The technological standards of the IceMOS unit process foundry services are unsurpassed by any other foundry. With processes operated within an ISO/TS 16949 manufacturing environment, controlled to tight tolerances by Statistical Process Control (SPC) and within contamination standards required by advanced CMOS, IceMOS offers you the perfect solution.

IceMOS offers high resolution SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope) imaging of our bonded BSOI and CSOI wafers, this can also be offered as a service for customer’s own bonded wafers. SAM inspection offers a means of non-destructive imaging of the bonded interface. In contrast to common non-destructive test methods such as conventional ultrasonic test methods, infrared microscopy and x-ray microscopy, Scanning Acoustic Microscopes scan the specimen surface pixel to pixel, line to line and detect with a special transducer the reflected ultrasonic waves out of the specimen. Icemos SAM inspection offers a detection limit in the range of 10µm lateral size of delamination with a delaminated height in the range of 15nm. Icemos can offer high resolution whole wafer scanning on wafer diameters 100mm – 200mm with a pixel size as small as 20 µm. Individual areas of the wafer can be scanned at higher resolutions.

Our highly skilled team has many years of SOI design and manufacturing experience to help develop a MEMs or SOI solution to suit any requirement.

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