A t IceMOS Technology, we regard environmental policy and protection as an integral part of our business. We are committed to maintaining and improving our environmental practices where possible by continually reviewing aspects of business activity which have an impact on the environment. By assessing the performance of our manufacturing processes, IceMOS identify where further improvements can be made to lower our carbon footprint as a company. To ensure this policy is put into practice we take a systematic approach to Environmental Management, covering all of its activities, products and services.

Using a lean manufacturing philosophy, IceMOS focus on waste minimisation that benefits the environment. Striving to use silicon materials, electricity and water as efficiently as possible, our environmental considerations are factored in at every process step to encourage continuous improvement. Ensuring that all IceMOS personnel are aware of their individual responsibilities to support the environmental policy, waste reduction remains a key aspect in every day production at IceMOS.

Additionally, IceMOS fulfil the product compliance for RoHS, REACH and conflict minerals.


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