Thin SOI Wafers

I ceMOS Technology has developed and is offering a Thin-SOI wafer range with device layers < 1m. Building on the 20+ years of SOI manufacturing experience, IceMOS is offering the same high-quality product as our existing Thick-SOI wafers for RF Applications.

With the wide range of specifications for both silicon wafers and the thermally grown Buried Oxide Layer, the IceMOS Thin-SOI wafer range covers applications such as Silicon Photonics to SAW filters.

Our customised Thin-SOI solutions are suitable for the following fields:

RF Filters
Image Sensing
Wireless Connectivity
Flexible-Hybrid Electronics

By making continuous improvements to our processes in a Lean Six Sigma environment, IceMOS Technology offer world class product quality, competitive cost structure plus rapid turnaround makes IceMOS Technology your ideal SOI partner.


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