IceMOS Expands Semiconductor Manufacturing Capacity

IceMOS Technology Expands Semiconductor Manufacturing Capacity to Service the Increased Global Demand

Company Invests in its Belfast Facility to Ramp Production of 200mm Wafers While Continuing to Supply 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Wafers and Advanced Engineering Substrates

BELFAST, June 15th, 2021 - 
Amidst an environment of increased demand and decreased capacity in the industry, IceMOS Technology Corporation today announced it has made a capital investment in its Belfast, Ireland fabrication facility to ramp production of 200mm SOI and SiSi direct bonded wafers. The move adds to its sustained production capacity for 100mm, 125mm and 150mm bonded wafers and advanced engineering substrates.

“As other suppliers have shifted to larger diameter substrates, we remain steadfast in our commitment to produce the technology needed to support the surge in demand for lower cost devices with high accuracy sensing capabilities,” said Samuel J. Anderson, IceMOS Technology founder and chairman. “We are the last man standing for the manufacturing of 100mm SOI and SiSi direct bonded wafers and we have seen the same type of shift in the industry away from production of 125mm, 150mm, and now 200mm. Instead of issuing end-of-life notices, we are upholding our reputation as an established, trusted manufacturer that is here to stay.”

Large Diameter Bonded Wafers

High quality engineered 200mm bonded substrates now available from IceMOS Technology are used as a starting material for MEMS such as pressure sensors, inertial MEMS and optical MEMS, including micro-mirrors for augmented reality / virtual reality and LiDAR applications. As the revolution in the automotive industry moves towards the electrification of vehicles, so too is the autonomous driving capability – requiring countless more environmental, inertial and optical MEMS sensors. Driven by customer feedback, IceMOS has positioned itself to service this increase in demand from the MEMS and analog IC industry.

Small Diameter Bonded Wafers

Many IceMOS customers have already benefited from the commitment by the company to support the on-going demand for 100mm, 125mm and 150mm bonded SOI and SiSi wafers and advanced engineering substrates (including cavity bonded), as other suppliers shifted to larger diameters. Several device manufacturers with applications in MEMS and discrete semiconductor applications have well established production lines and qualified process flows that firmly require the provision of small diameter SOI and SiSi.

“Our customers have already committed to 100mm or 150mm diameter dedicated equipment, with specialized process flows and inspection techniques that satisfy the requirement for high sensitivity automotive, aerospace, lifestyle and medical applications, among others,” said Hugh Griffin, chief sales officer, IceMOS Technology, Belfast. “Availability of small diameter bonded wafers will enable the on-going development of new sensing technology as well as production of legacy products for many years to come.”

About IceMOS Technology

Established in 2004, IceMOS Technology is a best-in-class provider of cost-effective, high-performance super junction MOSFETs, MEMS solutions, and advanced engineering substrates that outperform competing solutions with a much simpler, lower cost process. The company has a manufacturing center of excellence located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, an advanced research innovation center in Tempe, Arizona, and a design center in Tokyo, Japan


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