IceMOS specialise in customised, cost effective and high performance Superjunction MOSFETs, MEMS solutions and Advanced Engineering Substrates.

SOI and SiSi

IceMOS Technology is a leading supplier of 100-200mm thick-film SOI and SiSi wafers for a large range of IC and MEMS applications. With over 20 years experience in SOI manufacturing, we offer an impressive specification range, which is amongst the widest available in the market.

Advanced Engineering Substrate for MEMS

IceMOS Technology presents its dielectric isolation technology – delivering high voltage isolation between components on the same chip. Isolation is achieved using thick film SOI technology combined with state of the art high aspect ratio deep trench etching and oxide/poly refill. This technology is available on all wafer sizes from 100mm to 150mm and silicon device layers from 1.5um to 100um.

Superjunction MOSFET

IceMOS MEMS MOSFET is the high voltage MOSFET of "Superjunction Technology". By the combination of Silicon MOSFET technology and MEMS process technology, IceMOS provides world-best-in-class performance. Well-known MEMS technology has been developed by unique manufacturing processes in contrast to MOSFET technology which continues progress mainly for smaller dimension. The combination of both technologies encourages advances in extreme performance of MOSFET.

WELCOME TO IceMOS Technology Ltd

IceMOS Technology is focused on establishing itself as a best-in-class provider of cost effective and high performance Super Junction MOSFETs, MEMS solutions, Advanced Engineering Substrates, SOI and Bonded Silicon Substrates.

Encompassing over twenty years of expertise, unsurpassed manufacturing skill and the latest developments in technology, IceMOS ensures that each customer receives outstanding service from the point of initial enquiry through to product delivery.

Offering innovative product development, design and specialized services, the engineering team at IceMOS provides an array of technical support. Our team offer customers the opportunity to receive tailored solutions and unique services by delivering the latest innovations in the Semiconductor industry. IceMOS will work directly with the customer to develop a unique specialized product if this is not already on offer. It is with this, that IceMOS’s product portfolio remains unrivaled.


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